Vidao V4055HD Led Strips, Full Set (LGL55613-3528HD-100 , 2015.7.30 , C241298) - Science On Supply

Vidao V4055HD Led Strips, Full Set (LGL55613-3528HD-100 , 2015.7.30 , C241298)

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Product Details

TV Make & Model : Vidao V4055HD
Manufacturer : Vidao 
Part # : (LGL55613-3528HD-100 , 2015.7.30 , C241298)
Description : Led Strips 

Parts are tested and guaranteed to function as intended 

Please be sure you have identified this part as an identical match for replacement/repair ; all other applications will void our cash back guarantee . 
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  • Was this item out of stock when my order was placed? I need 6 strips altogether for my Vidao t.v. Also, do yall carry remotes for the same tv?

    The item was not out of stock but since we only had 1 set in stock it will immediately show out of stock once the purchase is made also this is the complete set you ordered (all 6 strips). As far as the remote it has been sold already, thanks for stopping by! Your order is being processed now.