Meet The Team

   Hello and thank you so much for visiting our online office, our staff is proud to serve you as our mission statement "Qualified Electronics Technician At Your Service. Our Store's Items Are Refurbished To Brand New, With An Occasional Pre-Owned Item Or Two." is really just the tip of the iceberg we are accessible at ebay, amazon and our home is here, while we do have a wide variety of distributors not all of our items can be found in one place and in many cases have not been displayed online at all. We are a small outfit, family owned and operated so we will overtime list more items widening our range and expanding your search. We have two technicians in our staff,

Robert is our electronics technician &

 working computer programming technicianNick is our computer programming expert while these titles do very little justice to the wide variety of skill and customer service these two gentlemen weld it is sufficient to say they have the "skill to pay the bills".

                       Skills To Pay The Bills

 Our goal is to help the shopper looking for a deal on just about anything, to acquire the item they need and to save while doing so as well as get them the attention they deserve as a visitor to a store where the customer is always right, (as it should be). We know how frustrating it can be dealing with some larger corporations where everyone is "just doing their job"    

                             im just doing my job

and very little attention goes into satisfying the very object that is the most important -YOU! We are authorized dealers with many outfits and you only need to ask us for availability and we will provide an option as we are also a top notch Florida resale agency. If you have not noticed we do sell some Christian gear (t-shirts hats and so on in our Abundance/By Faith category) as we are an outfit that puts God first in everything that we do that includes business relationships as well and for those who don't get it or are of other faiths we will always respect your opinions and feelings, we just would like you to understand we vow to deal with every customer with love and respect! 

Each sale made enhances the quality of our life and for that we are thankful, in turn we offer product support, technical and beyond we have some tutorial blogs available for reference to electronics and more in our Tele-Port section on the bottom of our page & we will be adding more as time allows.

Miami Skyline

 Here in South Florida it is almost always hot, nice jackets & sweaters just sit in the closet for "a rainy day" so to speak as actual rainy days are often. With that being said all of our inventory is kept in air-conditioned facilities with optimum humidity for electronics and clothes alike for a safe storage.


  A Lot of times we get asked questions about what repair parts they might need to fix the issue they are having and this is by far one of our greatest joys, helping the customer select the part that would 100% fix their problem. We understand that DIY is the way to save money and to be honest it is the only way to go after all you may need fix something else in the future and learning it now can save you time and money over and over again our personal rule of law is if you need to spend more time and money on tools and materials than it takes to have it fixed by a pro then by all means let the pro's deal with it (unless you like to fix stuff and you can see yourself getting use out of said tools and/or materials in the future and have the extra time then by all means have at it).  We will always be standing by awaiting to serve you!

Meet our Mascot!

Rotti Cesar

 "Cesar The Great"