How To Get Professional Sound Treatment For Vocal Booths, Mixing Rooms & Radio Shows, Anywhere!

Are you ready to start recording? Well, lets get you some quality sound treatment.

live link to vocal sound blankets professional studio qualityMany recording studios today have found the secret in treating a room for  calibrated vocals with precision tuning ability's and its more affordable than you think.

With today's Music Industry growing at the speed of light, we have mastered the art of the acoustics but some of the pro's wont tell you this. They want to play with the new tech while other guys try to calibrate there booth with outrageous costing barely effective for the price panels, placed in precision with angled roof's and angled glass bass traps &c. . Well, if you need quality treatment that the pro's use at affordable prices you're in the right place and your going to love this!

Producers Choice is trusted throughout studio's world wide and there is more than a good reason for it.

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 Lets hear from some of the people that set these products in place for sound treatment.

"I wanted to get something easy to setup and tear down, we do some traveling and the crew needs to keep recording whenever and where-ever, Producers  Choice did the trick. Now we wont record without them Bye-Bye Wood, Hello acoustic blankets!!" jerad@grandnucleus
live link to vocal sound blankets professional studio quality
"Tell me why this form of sound treatment sounds better than that of a room treated in high end treatment?Where have you been all of my recording life?" william@p.p.ent.

Ofcoarse, you will need a quality compressor.

With out compression there is no way to clean up vocals correctly, don't get me wrong you can do some pretty nice stuff with talent on both sides of the board but if you want to push your production to the top you gotto master compression.

 Ofcoarse, you will need a quality Mic pre.

Mic pre's Can be like that extra amount of horse power that wins a race or the right amount of watts per ohm, is it needed? Absolutely, we cannot stress the importance enough the significance of both of these tools is massive and should be in every serious recording studio.

Wait did you forget to calibrate your mastering room?

Decibel meters are cheap but can be very effective monitoring and equalizing rooms that are not necessarily set up with sound in mind, here's some sound advice, no pun intended. Keep it calibrated!

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